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Rivers of Nihil - Airless lyrics

Preservation of life and time, I have seen the end of it.
Reflections in your glass of wine, a peasant's waltz.
But you've decided you can't go on like this, it's just too much.

Discussions rationalize that this isn't your fault.

An Earthly structure devolved into a barren landscape begging for the fall.
One must walk through the gates of time, to beg forgiveness for accursed crimes.
With color, conviction and unending pride, I pray your heart would be open wide.

Every single blade of grass is blessed with life that must pass.
You're nothing to me, you're the same: Just a part of endless pain.
Absorb the winds of change and accept that you are to blame.
There is nothing in your hearts worth saving, intelligence wasted for naught.

This one has no time for your thoughts.
We've all transgressed and this I know.
The point is that we live; The point is that we grow.

So what say you to this proposition?
I don't think that I like your position on life and the ways of the world.
You remind me of a scared little girl.
I deny you; I invoke your Lord and sun to destroy!


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